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Supervising the Art and Science of Teaching: A New Approach to Lesson Observation and Lesson Design DVD

Author: Robert Marzano

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ISBN: 9781743302521

Publish date: 06/02/2012

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The book The Art and Science of Teaching provides a comprehensive framework for teaching that integrates the work found in Dr. Marzano’s three earlier books: Classroom Instruction That Works, Classroom Management That Works, and What Works in Schools.

In this keynote (from the 2009 Annual Conference on Standards and Assessment), Dr Robert Marzano provides educators with, an outline of 10 critical areas of instructional practice, along with specific strategies for each area. He addresses how administrators might supervise the art and science of teaching in a way that keeps attention focused on student learning—rather than on specific instructional strategies—and allows individual teachers flexibility and creativity in their teaching practices. Dr. Marzano also provides a new framework for lesson observation and design that breaks both into basic segments, each with its own expectations regarding teacher behaviour.

This package includes a 90-minute DVD with the presenter’s session, a CD with the presenter’s slide presentation, an excerpt from the book Designing & Teaching Learning Goals & Objectives, and more.