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Essentials for Principals: The School Leader's Guide to Grading

Author: Ken O'Connor

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ISBN: 9781743302644

No of Pages: 106

Publish date: 08/03/2013

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School is about learning, not the accumulation of points.

Using research, this book shows principals how to emphasise and honour learning in their schools' grading and assessment processes, while ensuring that grades are accurate, meaningful and consistent. School leaders will gain a greater understanding of how to meet the standards of the US National Association of Elementary School Principals. Four appendices provide examples of report cards and grading policies that schools can easily adapt.

P-8 principals will also:

  • Find out how to control for bias in assessment

  • Learn the seven essential Ps of grading

  • Gain an understanding of what constitutes high-quality feedback

  • Discover the correct and incorrect uses of penalties for student work