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200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K-8

Author: Kathy Perez

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ISBN: 9781760562687

No of Pages: 156

Publish date: 31/01/2017

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200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K–8 is as an easy-to-use reference guide for teachers who seek to invigorate their literacy practices. Author Kathy Perez provides practical, brain research-based intervention techniques and reading strategies K–8 teachers can use to help all students, especially those who are struggling, make strides in their literacy achievement. As an experienced general educator, special educator, reading specialist, and literacy coach, Perez has a deep understanding of how the instructional practices and interventions necessary to help meet all learners' diverse needs. Teachers can motivate and engage all students to develop their reading abilities through the practices this book highlights. Readers will:

  • Gain insight into the traits of good readers and struggling readers

  •  Learn the early signs of reading trouble and strategies for early intervention

  • Explore how to monitor progress with classroom-based assessment practices

  • Find a collection of specific instructional strategies and techniques to support students' literacy learning in inclusive classrooms

  • Discover graphic organizers that can engage higher-level thinking skills
    Study a blueprint for success in building a literacy program