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An Educator’s Guide to Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Integrating All Three Tiers

Author: Jason E. Harlacher, Billie Jo Rodriguez

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ISBN: 9781760565756

No of Pages: 224

Publish date: 16/03/2018

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An Educator’s Guide to Schoolwide Positive
Behavioral Interventions and Supports
shows F–12 teachers and administrators how implementing
schoolwide positive behavioural interventions and supports (SWPBIS) helps
create an encouraging, productive school culture. Authors Jason E. Harlacher
and Billie Jo Rodriguez present the research and theory behind the model, their
own professional experience in working with school teams and examples of what
the four key elements and three tiers of support look like in practice. When
school staff support students with these interventions, they will institute a
more proactive approach to teaching students schoolwide expectations and
addressing learners’ academic and social–emotional needs.

Readers will:

  • understand the structure of the SWPBIS
    framework and its four key elements

  • read testimonials from principals and
    teachers whose schools have created positive school climates through SWPBIS

  • recognise the importance of using data
    accurately to target sustainable solutions

  • gain specific steps and a general timeline
    to help implement SWPBIS

  • examine sample scenarios and two thorough
    case studies of primary and secondary schools adopting and maintaining SWPBIS