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The Quest for Learning: How to Maximise Student Engagement

Author: Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Michael Fisher, Marie Alcock, Allison Zmuda

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ISBN: 9781760565893

No of Pages: 162

Publish date: 09/04/2018

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The Quest for Learning: How to Maximise Student Engagement pairs teacher and student as they embark on a learning journey customised to a students’ abilities, needs and interests. Authors Marie Alcock, Michael Fisher and Allison Zmuda propose that engaging students with relevant, worthy inquiries; emotionally gripping experiences; clear goals; right-sized, actionable steps; and social, collaborative opportunities grows their expertise and allows them to own their learning. Using The Quest for Learning, teachers will guide students to choose a quest design type – (1) questions, (2) game or (3) network – and pursue lines of inquiry, design or play games, or communicate with peers and experts in online and physical spaces. Through questing, teachers encourage students to flourish into the problem solvers, creators and critical thinkers necessary to thrive in the 21st century.

After reading this book, F–12 teachers will:

  • understand how questing expands on individualisation, differentiation and project-based learning

  • form partnerships with students that lead to co-teaching and co-learning

  • hook students’ interest with attention grabbing ideas

  • design quests with students, determine checkpoints and help students reflect on their journey

  • use formative assessment templates to engage learners.