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Best Practices at Tier 2: Supplemental Interventions for Additional Student Support, Secondary

Author: Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum, Sharon V Kramer, Bob Sonju

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ISBN: 9781760566227

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Research is conclusive: response to intervention (RTI) is the best way to intervene when students struggle in school. Also known as a multitiered system of support (MTSS), the RTI process ensures every student receives the additional time and support needed for academic success. A companion to Best Practices at Tier 1, this guide provides secondary educators with fundamental principles, practices, and tools for implementing effective Tier 2 intervention strategies.

The RTI at Work™ inverted pyramid is designed to continually focus a school’s collective attention and resources to a single point: the individual child.

A coherent and viable core curriculum that embeds ongoing monitoring for all students

Immediate and targeted interventions systematically applied and monitored for any students not achieving

Intensive interventions focused on closing gaps

Your guide to implementing Tier 2 of response to intervention in secondary schools:

  • Understand the challenges facing schools, and consider why educators need to change their thinking.

  • Receive proven, practical strategies and tools for implementing Tier 2 instruction and interventions.

  • Discover the foundational principles of effective educational practices.

  • Identify the roles of teacher, leadership, and intervention teams, and understand why they are essential to the intervention system.

  • Gain tips for determining student-learning levels and how to move student learning forward.

  • Review structures and schedules that build time in the school day to support students who need interventions.

  • Utilize teacher teams and the 4 Critical Questions of the PLC at Work® framework to ensure all students master essential curriculum.