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Shifting the Monkey

Author: Todd Whitaker

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ISBN: 9781743306963

No of Pages: 126

Publish date: 30/10/2012

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Everyone has roles, responsibilities and problems to deal with in the workplace. Some people, however, have mastered the art of shifting those “monkeys” onto the backs of others. They claim they don’t know how to solve a problem, they don’t have time, they complain, they perform poorly, they find any and every way to avoid the work and pass the buck. Instead, hardworking, loyal employees who care about results end up shouldering those burdens. The slackers get just what they want – less work – while the best employees become alienated and overworked. Monkeys are such a problem in some businesses that they even get shifted from employees to customers!

In Shifting the Monkey, author Todd Whitaker shows how to turn an organisation’s focus from compensating for, excusing and working around problem people to cultivating and rewarding excellence. Strong leaders and managers never allow poor performers to dominate organisational culture and productivity. Instead, they support, protect and cultivate the responsible employees and loyal customers who are the backbone of any business. These leaders constantly ask themselves:

1. Where is the monkey?
2. Where should the monkey be?
3. How do I shift the monkey to its proper place?