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Mathematics Homework and Grading in a PLC at Work™

Author: Timothy Kanold, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Matthew Larson, Bill Barnes, Sarah Schuhl

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ISBN: 9781760567408

No of Pages: 102

Publish date: 20/06/2018

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Mathematics Homework and Grading in a PLC
at Work™
guides K–12
teachers in enhancing their homework and grading practices to boost student
engagements and achievement. Part of the Every Student Can Learn Mathematics series,
it offers a comprehensive professional learning community approach to
sustaining deep change in mathematics success. The PLC at Work process is one
of the best models that schools or districts can use to build a more equitable learning
experience for students. Using the four critical questions of a PLC, teams will
provide every mathematics student with common learning experiences,
opportunities for sustained perseverance, and robust formative feedback.
Divided into two parts, this book offers two key team actions for success from
the Mathematics in a PLC at Work framework, guiding grades K–12 teachers to (1)
develop and use high-quality common independent practice assignments for formative
student learning and (2) develop and use high-quality common grading components
and formative grading routines.

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