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The Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide: Embarking on Your First Years

Author: Tina Boogren

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ISBN: 9781760567507

No of Pages: 154

Publish date: 28/06/2018

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The personal side of starting a teaching career – the joys and
pains – often goes undiscussed. The
Beginning Teacher’s Field Guide: Embarking on Your First Year
s offers the
advice and empathy F–12 beginning teachers so desperately need. Author Tina H.
Boogren pairs the six phases a new teacher goes through – (1) anticipation, (2)
survival, (3) disillusionment, (4) rejuvenation, (5) reflection, (6) second
anticipation – with personal essays she wrote during her first years in the
classroom. She arms readers with classroom strategies and self-care practices
tailored to the challenge they’re likely to encounter in each phase, and
encourages them to record their reflections directly in the book.

With this book, readers will:

  • understand the challenges they’re likely
    to experience during each phase

  • learn how to manage classroom behaviour
    and build and maintain positive relationships with students

  • accomplish self-care that tends to their hearts,
    minds and bodies despite how busy they are

  • journal throughout the school year,
    reflecting on what works in the classroom and what doesn’t, to plan for the
    coming year

  • respond to prompts that help them process
    and reflect on their year and professional successes.