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The Ball

Author: Todd Whitaker

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ISBN: 9781742397603

No of Pages: 94

Publish date: 16/06/2015

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Through this heartwarming parable, best-selling author Todd
Whitaker reminds you of the importance of keeping your focus and remaining true
to yourself. When a veteran teacher and former student reunite, they confront
the separate and unique challenges that have knocked them off course. Through
each other, they find their way back on track with a message that will resonate
with everyone.

This moving story:

  • leads you to reflect on whether you’ve
    “taken your eye off the ball”

  • helps you confront your personal and
    professional priorities

  • challenges you to prioritise the things
    you value most

  • engages you with beautiful visual

  • includes closing questions for further
    book study or self-reflection.

The Ball
tells the story of a declining business from the perspectives of the new owner,
Bill, and a former customer, Annie, who happens to be his former teacher. The
lesson of the book is to stay focused on your priorities keep your eye on the
ball in both your professional and personal life.