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STEM Student Research Handbook

Author: Darci Harland

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ISBN: 9781760019334

No of Pages: 242

Publish date: 22/01/2016

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The importance of improving science, technology, engineering and
mathematics (STEM) education has become a popular topic in recent years. But it
is clear that the STEM education that today’s secondary school students receive
rarely mirrors what individuals in STEM careers actually do. Students are
focused more on memorisation than on identifying problems and finding ways to
solve them. STEM Student Research
engages students with the same inquiry skills used by STEM
professionals. The handbook supports students as they prepare skills of
designing and conducting experiments, and analysing and presenting their
findings. A comprehensive resource for secondary school teachers and students, STEM Student Research Handbook outlines
the various stages of large-scale research projects, enabling teachers to coach
their students through the research process. 

This volume provides enough detail to embolden all teachers – even
those who have never designed an experiment on their own – to support science,
technology, engineering and mathematics student-researchers through the
experimental process.

Early chapters – research design, background research, hypothesis
writing and proposal writing – help students conceive and implement their
projects. Later chapters on descriptive and inferential statistics, as well as
graphical representations, help them correctly interpret their data. Final
chapters enable students to effectively communicate their results by writing
and documenting a STEM research essay, as well as by preparing for oral and
poster presentations. Included are student handouts, checklists, presentation
observation sheets and sample assessment rubrics.