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Stephen White


Stephen White, EdD, is an internationally known consultant whose expertise in data analysis, systems, leadership assessment and school improvement is helping to change the way educators view themselves and manage data in an era of high-stakes accountability and testing. A former high school principal, Dr. White has worked for Dr. Douglas Reeves as a senior professional development associate at the Leadership and Learning Center since 2003. He is the primary author of the PIM™ (Performance Improvement Mapping) framework and the Leadership Map and has reviewed thousands of school-improvement plans.

Dr. White is author or coauthor of several books, including Leadership Maps: Beyond the Numbers: Making Data Work for Teachers & School Leaders; and Show Me the Proof! Tools and Strategies to Make Data Work for You

Dr. White attended the University of Montana and Montana State University. He has a doctorate in educational leadership, master of education in special education and bachelor of arts in history and political science.