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Poster: Strategies to Engage the Mind of the Learner: Reciprocal Teaching - Summarising

Author: Rachel Billmeyer

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ISBN: 9781742394183

Publish date: 05/05/2010

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This poster is one of a set of five that contain the reading attributes (predicting, clarifying, questioning, visualising, summarising) used in the Reciprocal Teaching strategy outlined in Rachel Billmeyer’'s Literacy and Learning trilogy of books. Each poster contains key verbs and questions that can be used to stimulate thinking when reading. This poster contains the reading attribute 'summarising', with summarising’ verbs outlined under the heading ‘'When I summarise, I...' and four summarising questions/statements to spur on student thinking. This clear, 610mm x 420mm poster can be prominently displayed in the classroom as an aid to student comprehension while reading.