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Study Guide: 50 Ways to Improve Student Behaviour: Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges

Author: Annette Breaux, Todd Whitaker

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ISBN: 9781742392059

No of Pages: 156

Publish date: 14/11/2011

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Written to accompany 50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior: Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges by Annette Breaux and Todd Whitaker, this Study Guide was specifically created for the participants of seminars, book study groups and other professional development events.

This Study Guide serves as a roadmap to help you organise and work with your faculty study group. It provides assistance to staff developers, principals, team leaders, tertiary professors and other educational leaders who are working with teachers as they develop their professional skills.

The book offers questions and prompts to enable readers to interact with the main text. Each of the fifty solutions and strategies in the Study Guide are organised into three sections: What Is; What Could Be; and Make It Real. The exercises and questions in the Study Guide provide opportunities for readers to master the concepts in the book and to apply them in their own classrooms.