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An UnCommon Theory of School Change: Leadership for Reinventing Schools

Author: Jacy Ippolito, Kevin Fahey, Angela Breidenstein, Frances Hensley

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ISBN: 9781760569860

No of Pages: 140

Publish date: 26/09/2019

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This book is for educators who believe that schools need to be improved and are hopeful that real change can be achieved. The authors argue that if educators want to create more equitable, socially just and learner focused schools, then they need a more robust, transformational theory of school change – an Uncommon Theory. After describing the limits of current school improvement initiatives, the authors explain what is needed to actually engage in deeper school reinvention work. They take a deep dive into the most difficult work that school leaders do: questioning, rethinking and reinventing the fundamental assumptions upon which our schools are built. The result is a practical book that provides readers with the knowledge and tools needed to do more than just tinker at the edges of school improvement.