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Close Reading Complete Set: Passages and Graphic Organisers for Everyday Practice

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Publish date: 05/07/2019

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The Close Reading series is a valuable tool for any educator delving into the world of close reading. This in-depth method of instruction requires students to develop a deep understanding of what they read by focusing on the text itself, rather than relying on prior knowledge to aid in comprehension. Close reading lessons can be geared to individual students, small groups or the whole class, but the goal is always the same: helping students become independent, thoughtful readers.

Each book outlines three critical steps in a close reading lesson: determining key ideas and details, understanding craft and structure, and synthesising and analysing information. Use the included question stems and graphic organisers to help students dissect the passages. Students will identify the central message, investigate new vocabulary, determine the author’s purpose and hone other key skills essential to gaining a thorough understanding of a text.