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Teaming Rocks! Collaborate in Powerful Ways to Ensure Student Success

Author: Jill Spencer

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Publish date: 14/08/2015

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Teaching teams have been the hallmark of the modern middle years
school. Over more than three decades, effective teams have been associated with
increased personalisation, reduction in bullying, improved job satisfaction, a
reduction in school discipline problems, superior parent involvement and
significantly improved student learning. But in spite of supportive research
data and widely successful practice, schools are struggling to maintain
teaching teams in their schools.

Master teacher Jill Spencer, who has “been there and done that”,
gives teams a vast array of practical ideas, strategies and imaginative
activities to help teams collaborate on:

  • building
    a genuine community of real thinkers

  • implementing
    curriculum integration

  • developing
    21st Century skills in their students

  • connecting
    classrooms to the world via the internet

  • taking
    the lead in the digital revolution

  • working
    smarter instead of harder

  • using
    a cross-curricular literacy approach

  • modelling
    the values and norms of the team.

Jill has been as advocate for teaming throughout her 30-year
career as a middle years teacher, team member and team leader. She has seen
firsthand the great benefits for students and teachers when team members work
together to develop engaging and challenging interdisciplinary units,
coordinate practices and policies, and forge strong partnerships with families.