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Texts, Tasks, and Talk: Instruction to Meet the Common Core in Grades 9-12

Author: Brad Cawn

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ISBN: 9781760561666

No of Pages: 162

Publish date: 16/02/2017

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In Texts, Tasks, and Talk: Instruction to Meet the Common Core in Grades 9-12, Brad Cawn
takes a focused look at the disconnect between school standards and classroom
instruction. The book examines how to fully align teaching with the
intellectual demand of next-generation standards - by pairing instructional goals
with high-quality texts, tasks, and talk. It also provides strategies for how
to do so, including five key steps for organizing curriculum according to
next-generation standards. Through this deliberate selection of texts, creation
of tasks, and focus on high-quality talk, students gain the literacy skills
they need to succeed.

Grades 9-12 teachers, coaches, and curriculum leaders will:

  • Learn how to align teaching with next-generation standards

  • Ask questions that can direct brainstorming and development of
    texts sets

  • Discover how to build an effective text staircase in order to
    support literacy engagement

  • Consider examples of inquiry frames and then match the frames to
    the standards and implement them

  • Find out what kinds of discussion structures encourage students to
    exercise independence and proficiency

  • Understand what close
    reading means and discover four close-reading protocols

  • Examine how collaboration is at the core of instruction for next-generation