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The Case for STEM Education: Challenges and Opportunities

Author: Rodger W Bybee

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ISBN: 9781760010560

No of Pages: 210

Publish date: 06/10/2016

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If you are interested in STEM education, policies, programs, or practices, or you work on STEM in some capacity at any level, The Case for STEM Education will prove to be valuable reading.

Author Rodger W. Bybee has written this book to inspire individuals in leadership roles to better understand and take action on STEM initiatives. The book's 10 chapters accomplish several tasks:

  • Put STEM in context by outlining the challenges facing STEM education, drawing lessons from the Sputnik moment of the 1950s and 1960s, and contrasting contemporary STEM with other education reforms

  • Explore appropriate roles for the federal government, as well as states, districts, and individual schools

  • Offer several ideas and recommendations you can use to develop action plans for STEM

With an emphasis on both thinking and acting, The Case for STEM Education is a must-read for leaders at all levels: national and state policy makers, state-level educators responsible for STEM initiatives, college and university faculty who educate future STEM teachers, local administrators who make decisions about district and school programs, and teachers who represent STEM disciplines.