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The Digital Principal: How to Encourage a Technology-Rich Learning Environment That Meets the Needs of Teachers and Students

Author: Janette Hughes, Anne Burke

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ISBN: 9781760016340

No of Pages: 152

Publish date: 22/09/2015

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Technology has changed the way we live and interact with each
other. In our modern world, the power of digital experiences can engage and
build on the real lives of tech-savvy students.

Although educational leaders do not have to be digital experts, The Digital Principal argues that they
play and important role in creating and supporting professional learning
communities that embrace technological innovation and promote systemic change.
They are also instrumental in developing policies and creating a school
technology plan hat involves and supports teachers as they explore the use of
key digital tools.

The Digital Principal shows educational administrators how to
apply their leadership skills to a learning environment rich technology and
provide opportunities for students and teachers to work, teach and learn within
the digital world. From the basics of responsible digital behaviour and the
potential for promoting social justice, this timely book establishes a
framework for integrating technology into instruction and learning.

This comprehensive resource:

  • addresses
    the creation of online school profiles, the use of social media in schools, and
    the value of in-house professional development

  • shares
    relevant research, identifies standards and includes surveys for assessing the
    value of evolving digital initiatives

  • suggests
    practical ways to guide parents in monitoring their children’s online

  • features
    a model unit plan on cyberbullying

The Digital Principal is a valuable handbook for school leaders
who want to use the power of technology to build a stronger learning community.