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The Mark of Leadership: Strategies for Leading with Purpose, Plans and Passion

Author: Tom Burton

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ISBN: 9781760015350

No of Pages: 60

Publish date: 29/07/2015

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In this excellent resource, Tom Burton shares his experiences and knowledge gained from leading an exemplary middle years institution. His insights into the art of leading to achieve are profound and memorable. He challenges us to see beyond the data to the developmental needs of young adolescents and gives us practical strategies for infusing our schools with character and caring.

This resource will help school leaders:

  • decide their purpose

  • craft a vision for change

  • leverage power for change

  • lead by motivating

  • put relationships first

  • focus on the whole child and every child.

This book, a collection of columns written for the Association for Middle Level Education’s Middle Ground magazine, aims to inspire leaders to look for the very best in each of the young adolescents and staff that they lead on a daily basis, and to meet their needs so they become the people who change the world.

The Middle Years Leadership Series is designed for busy, committed middle years leaders. These focused treatments of time topics include suggestions for taking action, making them invaluable resources for administrators, team leaders, curriculum developers and others involved in middle years reform.