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Poster: The Ralph Pirozzo STEM Set

Author: Ralph Pirozzo

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Publish date: 21/11/2016

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The Ralph Pirozzo STEM Set is the ultimate set of resources for primary and secondary teachers looking to offer STEM/STEAM to their students. It contains one copy of 50 Cooperative Learning Activities and The Thinking School Tool set of 36 posters.

50 Cooperative Learning Activities has been designed specifically to engage and motivate primary and secondary school students to think 'outside the box', to create new ideas and to have fun while learning. These activities can be incorporated into the 48-grid matrix which integrates Bloom's Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences. In this way, we will provide for the thinking skills and learning styles of our students. These 50 Cooperative Learning Activities will be useful to you as you continue to provide the most engaging, exciting and challenging learning environment for all your students.

The Thinking School Tool set of 36 full-colour, laminated, A3 posters aims to visually representing the specific thinking tools in Ralph Pirozzo's The Thinking School: Implementing Thinking Skills Across the School. The easily displayable, quick-reference guides are the perfect resource to reinforce the thinking tools outlined in the book, providing teachers, administrators and students with quick memory aids that can be posted in the classroom, office or corridor.