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Tracy Zager


Tracy loves teaching and learning. As a student, she studied mathematics, geology, and physics at Wellesley College, physics and economic and social history at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes scholar, and teaching with an emphasis on special education at the University of Washington in Seattle. She finally traded in her backpack for a teacher’s tote, and happily taught fourth grade in a public (state) school for several years. When her daughters came along, she gave up her classroom to work with pre-service teachers and their in-service mentors. After many years in adult education in a wide range of urban, suburban, and rural schools, Tracy began extensive field research for her 2017 book, Becoming the Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had: Ideas and Strategies from Vibrant Classrooms. She now splits her time between editing math and science professional development books for Stenhouse Publishers and working with teachers as a math coach and consultant. She is regularly invited to present at major conferences in mathematics education, and she loves interacting with colleagues before, during, and after conferences through twitter and her blog. She's happiest when she is in classrooms, learning together with teachers and students over time, and she hopes to return to full-time teaching someday.