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Unpacking the Common Core Standards Using the UbD Framework (DVD)

Author: Jay McTighe, Grant Wiggins

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ISBN: 9781760560232

Publish date: 19/09/2016

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In this video, follow a group of teachers and
administrators from two districts who come together to learn how the
Understanding by Design® framework can help them tackle the Common
Core State Standards (CCSS). While the two groups are at different stages of
Common Core standards adoption and readiness, they both find practical
solutions using the work of Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe. Through interviews,
classroom scenes and segments drawn from a Wiggins and McTighe Common Core and
UbD™ Framework seminar, you’ll see how to

  • read and interpret the CCSS

  • use the UbD™ template to unpack
    the CCSS

  • introduce the CCSS to your
    district or school using the UbD™ framework

  • bring CCSS-relevant lessons to
    life in your schools.

No matter where you are in your adoption of the Common Core
or how familiar you are with the Understanding by Design® framework,
this video is relevant to your needs.