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Vocabulary for the Australian Curriculum: Science

Author: Robert Marzano, Julia A Simms, Katie Rogers

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ISBN: 9781760016005

No of Pages: 134

Publish date: 22/02/2016

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The Australian Curriculum: Science presents unique demands on
students to learn vocabulary and for teachers to teach it. Authors Robert J.
Marzano, Katie Rogers and Julia A. Simms address the needs for
standards-aligned vocabulary instruction in their three-part resource, Vocabulary for the Australian Curriculum:

This revised Australian edition of Vocabulary for the New Generation Science Standards will guide
teachers and teams toward creating a successful vocabulary program while
highlighting both general academic and domain-specific terms from the science
standards. Direct vocabulary instruction is crucial for student success, and Vocabulary for the Australian Curriculum:
shows F–12 educators step by step how to achieve success for all

Readers will

  • learn
    methods for actively engaging students in vocabulary instruction

  • recognise
    the impact of vocabulary instruction on reading ability and academic

  • select
    from a menu of vocabulary terms related to crosscutting practices and concepts,
    cognitive processes and domain-specific science concepts to enhance student
    learning from year level to year level

  • discover
    the components and support needed to implement a system-wide vocabulary