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Who Moved My Standards? Joyful Teaching in an Age of Change: A SOAR-ing Tale

Author: Michael D Toth

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ISBN: 9781760561253

No of Pages: 90

Publish date: 17/03/2017

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This story will ring familiar to every teacher working to
prepare students for an increasingly complex, rapidly changing world. The young
squirrels and blue jays must learn to fly to a nut tree far in the distance, a
task that has never been accomplished before, but the flight instructors aren’t
sure how to teach all of them to do it. After trying direct instruction to no
avail, they realise that the only way to help the youngsters succeed is to give
them the skills they’ll need to figure it out for themselves.

In Who Moved My
author Michael D. Toth provides a touching parable that inspires
educators to tackle rigorous new standards with renewed confidence and
enthusiasm. The book includes a resource section with the SOAR (Students’ Opportunities
for Achieving Rigor) Rubric, a companion tool for standards-based lesson plans.
The rubric drills down the differences between traditional (old economy),
student-centred and real-world applied (new economy) techniques for gathering
student evidence. 

Teaching becomes easier and much more enjoyable as students
take responsibility for their own learning and the learning of their peers.
This engaging story will help educators and learners soar higher and further than
they ever imagined.

Teachers will find it even easier
to implement the groundbreaking ideas presented in this resource with the SOAR Quick Reference Guide (LSM1246), a full-colour,
laminated reference guide providing at-a-glance information ideal for use in
the classroom.