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Wikis for School Leaders: Using Technology to Improve Communication and Collaboration

Author: Stephanie Sandifer

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ISBN: 9781743300534

Publish date: 15/02/2012

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Maximise the effectiveness of your professional activities through the use of wikis, and raise student achievement in turn! With strategies from online educator and technology expert Stephanie Sandifer, this book provides how-to advice on the way in which wikis result in a more efficient use of time, better communication, and increased adult learning for the members of your school community. Inside, you'll find out how to promote collaboration and productivity in your school, all while contributing to improved student learning.

Topics include:

  • The Dos and Don'ts of Wikis

  • Social Networking Tools and Wikis

  • Wikis for Leadership and Administration

  • Wikis in the Classroom

  • Wikis for Home-to-School Communications

Implement each of these practical, innovative ideas and "wikify" your school today!